Journal Articles by E. Froudarakis

X. Jiang, S. Shen, F. Sinz, J. Reimer, C. R. Cadwell, P. Berens, A. S. Ecker, S. Patel, et al.
Response to Comment on “Principles of connectivity among morphologically defined cell types in adult neocortex”
Science, 353(6304), 1108, 2016
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E. Froudarakis, P. Berens, A. Ecker, J. R. Cotton, F. H. Sinz, D. Yatsenko, P. Saggau, M. Bethge, et al.
Population code in mouse V1 facilitates read-out of natural scenes through increased sparseness
Nature Neuroscience, 17, 851-857, 2014
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